Distance from Seattle, Washington to Lacey, Washington

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The distance from Seattle, Washington to Lacey, Washington is 45.1 miles by the driving route, 45.1 miles by the biking route, and 45.1 miles by the walking route. The straight line distance between Seattle and Lacey is 45.1 miles (airplane route). The distances via different routes and the durations needed to travel from Seattle to Lacey are summarized in Table 1. The estimated gasoline cost of driving from Seattle to Lacey is summarized in Table 2.

Table 1. Travel Distance & Duration from Seattle, WA to Lacey, WA

Travel RouteDistance (mi) Distance (km)Travel Time
driving Driving 45.1 mi 72.5 km
biking Bicycling 45.1 mi 72.5 km
walking Walking 45.1 mi 72.5 km
flying Airplane 45.1 mi 72.5 km 5.4 minutes
Note: Distances of driving, bicycling, and walking routes and travel durations are calculated using Google Maps services API. Airplane distance and travel time are calculated using straight line and flying speed of 500 miles per hour [reference].

Table 2. Gasoline Cost of Traveling from Seattle to Lacey by Car

Fuel Economy Distance (driving) Fuel Cost
20 mpg45.1 miles$4.96
25 mpg45.1 miles$3.97
30 mpg45.1 miles$3.30
35 mpg45.1 miles$2.83
40 mpg45.1 miles$2.48
50 mpg45.1 miles$1.98
Note: Gasoline price used in the calculation is $2.20 per gallon.

Table 3. Distance from Seattle, WA to Nearby Cities

From Seattle, WA to Bainbridge Island, WA 7.5 miles
From Seattle, WA to Kirkland, WA 8.9 miles
From Seattle, WA to Bellevue, WA 9.2 miles
From Seattle, WA to Shoreline, WA 9.4 miles
From Seattle, WA to Burien, WA 10.0 miles

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